About Us

Ever since 2011, FF Lighting has gone to great lengths to deliver lighting solutions to a broad client base in Malaysia. We not only aim to provide our clients with exquisite home products, but also couple product delivery with immeasurable quality, world-class service and a wide array of lighting solutions.

We believe that our lighting systems should not only beautify your home, but should also boost functionality and provide a safe environment for you and your family.

Who Are We?

FF Lighting is a subsidiary of the reputable MS Lighting Group. We are based in Malaysia and are dedicated to providing lighting systems that inspire a sense of safety, comfort, and innovation. Over the years, we have been able to grow exponentially to become one of the prominent market leaders in the lighting industry.

We offer a wide range of LED Bulbs, LED Floodlights, LED Tubes and LED T8 Tube that embody unparalleled craftsmanship and affordability to everyone who seeks our services. As one of the leading professional lighting companies in Malaysia, we provide lighting systems that focus on sustainable living, durability, safety for the whole family and energy efficiency as well.

Why Choose FF Lighting?

Providing products
that are durable

We endeavour to give our clients lighting systems that provide the highest value and durability. We do this by ensuring that we use qualified professionals throughout product development.

We also employ the use of tried and tested technology. This ensures that our products are devoid of defects or malfunctions. You can be sure to enjoy our products for a long time.

Readily available

We stock all our products at our warehouse. We do this to ensure that we remain available to our clients. Once an order is placed, it is shipped in line with preset conditions and regulations.

Providing safety for the kids and the entire family

As a recognized leader in the lighting system market, we are committed to improving our products to ensure that the safety of your children and family will not be compromised at any point.

We take pride in nurturing and maintaining long term relationships with our esteemed clients, staying at the forefront of the lighting industry.